How Fortune Hunters began

“These are the reasons I wanted to become a Dev in Crypto: too many projects had rugged making lots of people lose money. This made it hard for YouTubers to promote projects. This includes me – I was scared to promote new projects, because I cared about my followers and the community I had. This led me to start talking to trusted devs: George from Tokenminer being one of them. They agreed that the rug pulls and full Ponzi projects were hurting everyone’s community. Even more so for those projects that were Code Forks [copy] miners. 
I came up with the idea for a miner which is a miner that was going back to basics; 3% Daily for longevity and sustainability. However I wanted to change the pure ponzinomics of it, to differentiate it, so I had to think out of the box.
Bingo! I thought of something new that would steer us away from the cut throat nature of traditional DeFi ponzi projects. I decided to use Dev and contract funds to generate external income that feeds back into the projects. 
I am committed to building out Fortune Hunters into a full ecosystem with future projects. Projects that people can invest in, safe in the knowledge that the project or team won’t rug pull or will just be yet another ponzi (pyramid) scheme!”
 Crypto Craig
This was the beginning of it all – the birth of Fortune Hunters – and so Cake Of Fortune was born…
2022 - 2023
  1. Cake Of Fortune was launched on 07/05/2022
  2. ELK Of Fortune was launched on 09/07/2022
  3. Farm Of Fortune was launched on 10/10/2022
  4. Mischief Of Fortune was launched  on 02/01/2023