Crypto Craig - @Djcraigerny

Craig is the founder of Fortune Hunters and is inspiring to listen to. He is known across the DeFi space as one of the most trusted and transparent Developers.
His honesty and compassion for the smaller investor is renowned and he lives in the spirit of Fortune Hunters – that is, making a dependable, long term, passive income in a community where everyone is treated with fairness and respect.

♠ Owner

Darxyde - @Darxyd

Entered the mindblowing world of DeFi after making $50 on a SHIB pump and stumbled upon DeFi. Entered at peak DAO season, lost a lot, then Node season, lost less, ROI Dapp Season, started to break even, found Fortune Hunters, now I’m safe and making money. Feels like I’ve come home. 

♣ Core team member