DeFi Ascension Partnership NFTs

DeFi Ascension is now an official partner with of the Fortune Hunters Ecosystem.

In detail, a portion of the funds raised with the sale of the DeFi Ascension NFTs will be invested in MOF, a ROI USDC farm with a 1% daily pay-out. Fortune Hunters Ecosystem will also acquire 20 DeFi Ascension NFTs to hold in its treasury.

By holding DeFi Ascension NFTs one becomes eligible for a share of profits, made by trades in crypto and forex markets.

How does this work?

Trades are made in cycles of 15 days and payments are carried out on each cycle term.

By this time a snapshot is taken to the amount in each wallet holding Ascension NFTs, and the payments will be executed proportionally.

This snapshot is used to determine the share of profits of the cycle, (I.E: total 5 NFTs in one wallet divided by 850 NFTs minted before the snapshot is taken, equals to a 0.59% share of the profits made over the cycle).

This is a lifetime passive income project, which offers its users the chance to earn passive income from trade without the hassle of knowing how to trade.

Please note that 500 DeFi Ascension NFTs were released on March 13th, and are currently sold out. The only way to buy one of these NFTs is if a holder sells on OpenSea.


More on the DeFi Ascension Team

Lead by Resin (@AscendedResin), the team counts on a combined trading experience of over 5 years. It’s a very strong community and is centred in its members, a safe place to share and learn about crypto and Defi.

Now they have taken an extra step…


Currently 1000 NFT max supply [1st Defi Ascension Batch + 2nd DeFi Ascension NFTs partnership]. Although it’s a possibility, there are no guarantees of new releases in the future. 

Current cost per NFT 250$ USDT on the polygon chain

On each buy/mint

– 60% allocated to the traders (90% to low-risk trade 10% medium to high-risk trades)

– 30% Invested in low-risk projects like MOF. (This is aimed to ensure some profits to distribute among holders even in cycles where the market may be on a sideways trend)

– 10% set aside as reserve fund that can later be used if needed.

There is also an 8% royalty fee on every sale of NFTs made by holders on the secondary market, those 8% goes to the trades fund.

On closing a positive trade.

– 35% set aside to be distributed to holders

– 35% added back to the trade funds.

– 30% to pay team/management expenses and time.

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee you will receive a payment every pay period. In times of red or sideways months payments may be small and/or not be issued for that pay period.