List of projects built by teams that work closely or are collaborating with FH team, and aim to create a better DeFi for all


MAM – Led by Richie Crypto Mischief, a YouTuber that decided to build a project to help his favorite project in DeFi (Drip), there is a whole Ecosystem to be built, MAM also contributes greatly to charity.

Has of December 1st, 2022 FH Eco and Mischief Eco are official partners, more than a simple collab and mutual promotion both teams will work together in aiding each other in the quest for sustainable and long-lasting passive income projects

  • DeFi Eco System team (token miner team) Led by George who is also part of the FH Eco core team and The Stamp Audits
  • CashFlow – Led by Patric Zamba, a YouTuber that decided to build a project to help his community and charities. (FH Team has aided CashFlow to launch and in the early stages of its quest for reduced ponzinomics)
  • FROSTFLAKES – Led by Jack, FrostFlakes is a project with an amazing community and seeks to create several outside revenue streams to reduce ponzinomics.