Fortune Hunters Pizza Strategy

As with all DeFi projects – the success of the projects, the sustainability largely falls as a responsibility to all of us as investors –  that’s the whole point of Decentralized Finance, it puts us in charge of our finances. Fortune Hunters projects recommend a specific approach in order to maintain the long term health of the projects while of course giving you a ROI and then an ongoing passive income. This is truly the ethos of Fortune Hunters. 

The Pizza strategy allows diversification within DeFi. This is a good thing. BNB could be considered a ‘Moon Coin’ –  with all times highs of $600+ and at time of writing it sits around half that amount, so there is plenty of room for growth, yet there is still some volatility in the coin.
USDC is a tokenised version of the U.S. Dollar. The value of one USDC coin is pegged 1:1 to the value of one U.S. dollar. It is fully backed by U.S. dollar assets and so considered a Stablecoin. So with MoF utilising USDC – you know that the value of your rewards will match that of the US Dollar, with only microscopic variance. 

The BEST reasons to use the Pizza strategy can be found by using the Pizza Strategy Simulator on this page and find that this diversification strategy can earn around up to 1600% APR, as well as ensuring robust health and sustainability for both MOF and FOF.



Pizza Strategy
When you claim your rewards, reinvest 50% into a new plan on that project, and take the other 50%, keep 25% for your ROI/profit and deposit the remaining 25% into the other Farm. This means changing the token into the Cryptocurrency used by that farm:
BNB for Farm of fortune 
USDC for Mischief of Fortune

The 50/50 Strategy is the basic investor strategy we recommend to enable protocol health as well as powerful ROI.
To do this, claim your rewards, reinvest 50% into a new plan on that project, and take the other 50% as ROI. Doing this extends your time till full ROI by 15-20 days but leaves you in a stronger position with an ongoing income stream rather than ‘one and done’.

These are designed to be long term projects not the two week train wrecks we have seen and all been hurt by in the rest of DeFi.



Short how to video:

  • ROI – Return Over Investment
  • Dapp – Defi Application
  • APR – Annual Percentage Rate
  • MINER – The name given to Defi project that uses the TVL to determine an asset value and from which the rewards are calculated from, thus in essence “mining” the TVL.
  • TVL – Total Value Locked – It is the total amount of funds present in the contract (deposited funds minus fees minus claims)
  • Miners – When a user deposit, buys miners, these miners price is not fixed, but rather is determined by the TVL. As the TVL goes up the price per miner also rises, when TVL goes down, the price per miner drops.
  • INFLATION – Inflation is used in miner Dapps to explain the drop in rewards and the variations in price per miner.