MOF – Mischief of Fortune

USDC FARM (Hybrid ROI Dapp)

Mischief of Fortune

MOF is another project developed by the Fortune Hunters team.
It is a fork of The BNB Crops Yield Farmer by the Crops Farmer team.
Paying static 1% per day up to 360 days.
Built with the aim of becoming a 0% ponzi project in DeFi, for that purpose we use 50% of every deposit made in pools and other low-risk protocols, where we compound and hopefully we will be able to reach a point where the amount of funds in the pools are higher and the interest generated from those are enough to cover all deposits 360%.


MOF – Mischief Of Fortune.



APR: 1% DAILY static

REF SYSTEM: 1% on deposits to the person whose ref link the depositor is using. (claimable together with the ref link provider available rewards when next claim becomes available).

LAUNCH DATE: 02/01/2023



TOKEN: USDC – Bep20 (from PancakeSwap on BSC)

TOKEN CA: 0x8ac76a51cc950d9822d68b83fe1ad97b32cd580d

Pancake Swap Site:

Mischief of Fortune
In MOF there is only a 5% tax upon claiming, the remaining fees associated with the working of the project are covered by the project itself. User’s daily rewards are calculated over their full deposit.
On every deposit, there is the following division.
  • 43% Goes into the contract TVL
  • 50% Goes into the dev wallet and is used in pools to generate outside income
  • 2% Marketing (till this moment 98% of the marketing funds have not been needed to promote FOF thus we use a portion of these funds to run community contests and giveaways, operate trading bots (higher risk than pools), and help bring a little more outside income. Also a portion is used to help cover some of the gas fees from the compounding done in the pools.
  • 2% Support Fee (In FH all new layers feed into the previous to help older projects to sustain, reduce ponzinomics or even reach 0% ponzi) MOF currently uses 2% from every deposit to support FOF (1%), and MAM (1%)
  • 3% Dev (Team fee) 3% is split amongst 9 people.
  • MOF – Mischief Of Fortune
  • ROI – Return Over Investment
  • Dapp – Defi Application
  • APR – Annual Percentage Rate
  • TVL – Total Value Locked – It is the total amount of funds present in the contract (deposited funds minus fees minus claims)
MOF features some never seen mechanics that make it into a new type of hybrid farm ROI Dapp.
  • Max payment is in days (instead of the usual % common in ROI Dapps)
  • 15 Days cooldown period (users need to wait for a minimum of 15 days between actions).
  • 17 Days max reward accumulation (users need to take action within 17 days from their previous action or the rewards will stop accumulation. This is also an anti-whale feature preventing someone from accumulating high enough rewards that could drain the contract on a single claim).
  • No compound option (compound keeps funds in the contract while at the same time allowing users to grow their positions on the project, Fortune Hunters team views this as a problem that affects most ROI Dapps and farms, thus we have removed it. If users wish to grow their positions on the project and extend the max payment beyond the max 360 days users must open a new deposit).
  • Each new deposit will pay out its daily reward for the duration of the plan at the moment of deposit.
  • All active deposits rewards are claimable at a single moment (if a user has 5 active deposits all rewards generated from those 5 deposits will be claimed together. There is no claiming individual deposit rewards, this works to optimize gas fees).
  • Max 100k USDC accumulated deposit per wallet.



Video explaining how to use the Sim: (Made by @great_Zii)