Some more frequently asked questions.


The entire FH team is not Doxxed or KYC. Crypto Craig is a known YouTuber and has always used his real name.
Certain team members are publicly facially doxxed, some are internally doxxed and all team member use their real names.
We don’t believe in doxxed or public KYC to gain community trust, we believe in actions and transparency are the way to gain community trust every day.

How does FH generate external revenue?

For the most part, we use liquidity pools and other similar low-risk options in the crypto space.
Additionally, we also use a portion of the marketing funds to run trading bots and in some more high risk options in crypto space.

How will it impact the project if I redeposit only after I have withdrawn until I fully ROI?

The most sustainable way to take ROI is to reinvest 50% of your rewards and keep 50% for your ROI or best of all [for both you and the project is using our ‘Pizza’ strategy. We understand you’re eager to achieve ROI, and you should be. If you choose to ROI first that’s your choice, but what is best for the protocol’s health is 50/50 or Pizza

Will the Rewards timer restart if I redeposit during the cool down period on MOF?

No, your Claim/Reinvestment period will always be synchronised with your initial deposit’s rewards claim day. So if you deposit into an additional plan two days before your rewards claim day, you’ll accrue two days worth of interest on that plan, which will be added to accrued interest from any other plans you might have, and be paid out accordingly.

What does it mean to be reduced or 0% ponzinomics?

For a project to be reduced or 0% ponzi means that that project outside income streams is at a given point being able to generate more in dividends than the amount of funds being claimed in the same time frame.
In most projects, this will never be a fixed state because as more users join the given protocol more will be needed to pay them and as such, the reduced or 0% ponzi state can fluctuate, depending on the project those fluctuations can be higher or lower.
FH aim is to create projects that can be maintained over time in a more stable state of reduced ponzi, thus creating a true, long-lasting passive income generator Ecosystem for all its users.